7 reasons to use the sennder Driver app

7 reasons to use the sennder Driver app

By sennder team, 2 minute read

The sennder Driver app centralizes communication between sennder, the carrier, and the driver all in one place. Meanwhile, the app’s integrated GPS services ensure that sennder, the carrier, and the shipper always know where the driver is. If you’re a carrier, it’s easy to see why enabling the sennder Driver app for all your drivers makes lots of sense.

The Driver app saves time and speeds up payments

  1. Easy to get started for first-time carriers and drivers.

As soon as sennder knows the license plate of the truck that has been assigned a particular load, internal sennder staff generates a personalized link for the driver. When the driver clicks on it, the link takes the driver through the download and login process for their first load.

  1. Easier GPS integration.

Not integrated with GPS yet? No worries; you can get integrated via the app with just a few clicks. Carriers whose drivers use the Driver app are GPS-integrated, so they can use orcas for more than 8 loads. Meanwhile, if you’re already integrated with P44 or CO3, your driver just signs into the Driver app and gets going.

  1. Makes coordination easy.

As soon as a driver logs into the sennder Driver app and is assigned a load, they get all the info they need directly via the app. That means there’s no need to send PDFs, WhatsApp messages, or spend time on the phone. From order details to special loading notes, handle everything through the app. Furthermore, if pick-up time comes around and internal sennder staff sees that the tracking hasn’t started moving on the order, we can send reminders via the app.

  1. Keep drivers up to date.

When a driver is assigned to a sennder load, they get a push notification, and the load shows up in their roster in the app. They have immediate access to all additional information about the order and will see any changes made on the order.

  1. No more check-in calls.

sennder won’t have to call you to ask where your driver is. Because drivers using the Driver app are GPS-integrated, everyone - including the shipper - knows exactly where the truck is when it is carrying a sennder load. If internal sennder staff see any issues, we can proactively try to fix them.

  1. Automated arrival and departure times.

The app can tell when a driver arrives or departs the pick-up or drop-off location. Internal sennder staff sees automated time stamps of arrival and departure in our internal management platform, octopus. No need to share those by phone or email, either! sennder, the shipper, and the carrier will know exactly when pick up and drop off occur.

  1. Get paid faster.

While the driver unloads, they can upload the proof of delivery (POD) for the order directly via the Driver app. As soon as the sennder accepts the POD, the driver will get an in-app notification. If the POD isn’t accepted, the driver knows immediately and can take a new picture and share a better version. sennder only initiates payment for a load once we have an approved POD from the carrier. For drivers who use the Driver app to upload their PODs, the average number of days until the POD is uploaded is 90% faster than if the driver had sent in the POD another way. This leads to more on-time payments.

Email driver-app@sennder.com to learn more about the sennder Driver app.