24.9.2018 Technology

Cost optimization in the booking of express trips

Cost optimization in the booking of express trips

In many companies, of all industries, it is part of everyday life: A replacement part has to arrive still today at a construction site, the brochures need to be at the trade fair as fast as possible, or the customer would like to receive his goods yesterday rather than tomorrow.

Cost item express trips

These express trips at the last minute have become major cost items in the meantime. To make the exception to assign a courier shipping will quickly be made a rule with every new order. Often plans are changing much too quickly as it can be avoided.

sennders optimization approach

There are good reasons for the expensive prices in the express and courier industry, however. Capacities need to be reserved for last-minute bookings, reliability is mandatory, and the flexibility requirements are huge.

We at sennder believe, however, that the high prices in the express area can be avoided. With three approaches, we help with "last-minute"-deployments at fair prices:

  • Fleet pool: With more than 3,000 connected vehicles, we are at any time able to provide a driver within the shortest possible time. We guarantee availability within 180 minutes in the whole of Germany, starting from a car up to 15 spaces for pallets.
  • Quality monitoring: We check the quality of our partners with established and automatically queried attributes. So we can guarantee our usual high-quality standards and will continue to increase our customer satisfaction a little bit more with each journey.
  • Cost transparency: The express industry is highly fragmented. By connecting with the best partners in each region, we can avoid excessive prices.

Our Offer

We bring also your goods quickly and with the highest degree of flexibility to its destination. Try us, we look forward to hearing from you!