18.3.2020 COVID-19

COVID-19: sennder working remotely remains reachable

COVID-19: sennder working remotely remains reachable

We would hereby like to inform you about the current developments at sennder and our partners. We are in a similar situation, struggling with the overall market developments. Cargo space is tight, we are however doing everything to ensure that all shelves remain filled! We are in close contact with all our leading food and beverage producers and distributors to ensure the upholding of the transport supply chain. On top, we have a close interchange with the german newspaper DVZ to follow market developments.

Stay safe & healthy

Above all, however, in these special times, is the health of our employees and partners. Like us, our subcontractors are establishing various safety and protective measures against the spread of the coronavirus and for the protection of your employees. These currently vary greatly depending on the spread of the virus in the respective regions and range from the completion of a declaration of information to the complete isolation of staff.

sennder, as a responsible operating company, is aware of the health-seriousness of the situation and is in daily alignment with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) with regard to current developments and the subsequent measures.

Unconditional service

Due to the high degree of automation and complete digitalization of all processes, the closure of our premises would in no way mean the closure of our business activities.

We are therefore a strong partner even in these difficult times as we are well prepared for the weeks ahead so that we are touched as little as possible.

Generally, we would like to apologize if this will lead to the experience of capacity shortages in some areas. Please note that the overall freight capacities are very tight due to current developments and that delays must be expected as a result of border closings. These are neither within sennder's power nor can they be influenced by us - we ask for your indulgence and understanding.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

To stay in the loop of the current situation, DVZ can give you more insights about the impact of the COVID-19 in the logistics industry.

Thank you very much for your support and understanding.

We are all in this together.