Decide for yourself what’s important to you!

Decide for yourself what’s important to you!

Transparency is one of the main distinguishing features, which sennder differentiates, as a young start-up, from the established players in the logistics sector. Those who book a transport or make a request on are immediately given a price. We do not use nested structures of subcontractors, but are in direct contact with your driver.

Adjust your settings individually, depending on what you need at the time

We offer you full transparency about the location and progress of your cargo during the transport  And we will notify you flexible by e-mail, phone or SMS about individually adjustable events. for this purpose, we have developed an extremely flexible and powerful notification system in the last few months.

Do you want to receive a reminder e-mail 35 minutes ahead of arrival? A call when the transporter has reached the motorway junction? Or, a message in the event of a delay? All this is not an issue. You can even create and modify many of these notifications in yourself.

We use the system also internally to keep track of the events and for routine communication with our drivers.

Full flexibility thanks to the advanced modular structure

This flexibility and bandwidth are achieved by the system through its modular architecture, events, filters, and news channels. Events can be triggered by any part of the system and land on a fast data line. There, they will be scanned by the filters and on the basis of highly flexible and configurable set of signatures the for them appropriate events are filtered out. For this Filter, then create automated messages and send them via selected communication channels to the correct recipient.

Speed is crucial

If you want to get a warning in the event of delays, hence that means at the system level that a filter is created, which is searching for delay events. If the filter finds such an event, it creates on the basis of further information contained in the event the delay message and initiates according to its configuration, a phone call, a Slack message or an e-mail.

In the implementation of this system, we have also placed a special focus on the speed of data processing. Because only when the events are processed quickly, we can generate many of them. And only if we generate a lot of events, our customers will receive the high level of flexibility in the calibration of their notifications. Therefore, we have dug deep into their bag of tricks in order to increase the performance and connected state of the art database operations with procedural filters.

For our customers, all of this means that they gain access to a very flexible notification system. And the feeling that at sennder everything is a bit faster and easier.