9.9.2019 technology

How AI is changing the logistics industry

How AI is changing the logistics industry

Whether in cancer diagnostics in medicine, voice recognition on the smartphone or image search on the Internet: Artificial Intelligence (AI) supports us in any life situations. Meanwhile, the future technology has also arrived in the logistics industry, where it is considered as an important growth driver for the next few years. Actually, self-controlling dynamic processes are the key to intelligent logistics for logistics companies and fleet owners today.

This is exactly where AI comes in, more precisely: Machine learning (ML). Based on algorithms and large amounts of data, so-called training data, special software learn the desired skills and generate artificial knowledge from experience. During the learning process, the systems improve and optimize their abilities to utilize them later for unknown data, which is why we speak of Artificial Intelligence. The higher the quality of the training data, the better the achieved learning effect. Technologically, AI is based on artificially generated neural networks.

Where is AI used?

In logistics, AI is used almost along the entire supply chain, because the branched network structure and scalability of the logistics market is optimal for the application of AI. In particular, the technology is often used in warehouse logistics, process automation and better control of freight traffic. Machine learning is particularly valuable for concrete forecasts of unknown values, that is predictions about fuel consumption, driving time or tiredness of the truck driver. Additionally, intelligent systems can also be used to monitor and control, for instance, certain temperatures in the freight hold. And the autonomous driving of trucks is only possible through AI.

IT integration with sennder

Logistics companies are still faced with very heterogeneous partners with different digitalization standards. sennder particularly supports family businesses in the introduction of digitized processes and the development of IT integration. Thus, sennder creates the highest level of transparency in the entire process and a successful integration of Artificial Intelligence.