30.3.2020 COVID-19

Italian super hero

Italian super hero

Sadly, Italy has been highly touched by the COVID-19. It has already been over six months since we opened our Italian office in Milan and for one month our teams have been working remotely. Thanks to our great partners and the amazing team we are still on track and we want to give all our support to all the Italian drivers for their commitment.

We spoke to Roberto Nica, the managing director at Nima Autotransporti, an Italian trucking company, that is constantly working these days to help serve his country. He points out that “truckers are heroes every day. These situations make us remember how valuable and important truck drivers are! Humanly speaking, these times are very demanding and truckers are essential to keep the flow of goods going!”

Nima Autotransporti, one of our prime carriers, strictly respects the proper safety measures with the appropriate equipment: gloves, masks, antiseptic gel and throwable tracksuits.

Roberto has personally traveled with his trucks to better understand the situation. He was touched by the fear in the eyes of the people and how they do not give up by continuing to fight their way out of this situation.

From sennder we would like to send a big shout out to all our Italian partners which are out there, among other Super Heroes, making sure that things are moving forward! Also, a special thanks to our partner Nima Autotrasporti. A real example of passion and commitment!