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Telematics in logistics - fleet management made easy

Telematics in logistics - fleet management made easy

Spurred by digitisation and technology, the logistics market has grown to a market value of 258 billion Euros in 2016 alone, a continuous increase of almost 4% since 2004. An important technological trend to the prevailing of the manual organisation in the freight forwarding sector is telematics. In the meantime, every major forwarding company has recognized the advantages of modern telematic systems and implemented these.

Telematics – a widely used tool for internal optimisation

The term telematics refers to the integration of GPS-technology, communication channels and board computers in the vehicle. This synergy relates to the use of wireless devices and “black box” technologies to transmit data to freight forwarding companies and customers in real time, as well as providing assistance to the driver in the form of route optimisation, traffic forecasts and notifications.

The telematics market in Europe

The number of the active transport telematics systems in Europe is expected to increase to 8.9 million units, by 2019. This is a growth of over 100% compared to the year 2014 (4.4 million used devices). For the future, market researchers predict annual growth rates of more than 15%.

There are a few providers of telematics devices that can be used in trucks:

Transics | 200,000 devices installed

ABAX | 187,000 devices installed (incl. cars)

Trakm8 | 185.000 devices installed (incl. cars)

Also, all of the major truck manufacturers on the European market offer telematics solutions as part of their service portfolio. Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Scania launched their first products in the 1990s.

Fleet telematics at sennder

The fleet telematics from sennder are a way to monitor the location, movement, status, and behaviour of a vehicle within a fleet. This way our customers can find out, among other things, the exact location of their delivery via This service gives you a complete, most up-to-date knowledge of your fleet activities in one centralised, web-based interface. All of this information will help you with:

  • Optimisation of your productivity
  • Reduction of your labour costs
  • Control of your fuel costs
  • Increased safety and security of the fleet
  • Reduction of operating expenses

With shipment tracking done by sender, performance profiles can be created, such as those for various delay stoves, or fuel consumption. This way, we enable you to carry out economically and environmentally friendly transports and respond more accurately to your needs.