24.10.2019 Corporate News

The sennder Academy: Our formula to boost employees to maximum potential

The sennder Academy: Our formula to boost employees to maximum potential

Boosting employees to their maximum potential and creating a mutual way to success is essential for any company, though oftentimes not a focus in daily business. At sennder, we decided to challenge this status quo. We consider employee development as a key factor for our success across all departments as well as the entire industry. To support everyone inside the sennder family we launched our new long term employee development plan - the sennder Academy!

The Academy consists of 35 unique courses conducted by handpicked speakers of the sennder family. Additionally, external speakers will add another valuable perspective to the trainings and complement the onboarding process. Welcome introductions, department insights, hands-on trainings as well as case study courses and team building events will provide a change from the ordinary. Within this program, learning new tools and skills is fun and enables everyone to kick-off their daily business tasks easily.

To ensure a long lasting individualised learning process for every employee, we introduced our own learning platform for the sennder Academy. This learning plattform does not only provide support during the onboarding week, but also fosters an opportunity to dive into additional topics, strengthen existing knowledge and challenge yourself with new learnings going onwards.

Despite the amazing feedback to our first sennder Academy we always strive to further improve our offerings. A continuously extended program with newly developed events and trainings will further strengthen our Academy in the future. With these improvements we are pumped to welcome all our current and future new starters on the way to their maximum potential!