Why Live GPS Tracking for trucks optimizes your transportation business

Why Live GPS Tracking for trucks optimizes your transportation business

How location tracking by GPS can not only save costs and time effort, but also increase customer satisfaction.

Anyone who makes use of a modern fleet management value today, cannot do without GPS positioning of vehicles within a transport process. What is the use of the real-time tracking of the trucks however for you as an entrepreneur? Through the GPS tracking of the vehicles, extensive transparency for your customers and colleagues is ensured, and this not only saves time but also money. Your time and your money.

Being informed about your transport at any time

By the meter-accurate positioning of the trucks in real-time arrival times can be optimally adjusted and waiting times omitted. The planning, checking and settlement of the entire Supply Chain is thus not only simplified but also optimized. The installation of complicated software is unnecessary, and the expected goods can be followed by the deliverer, as well as the receiver via the website to the exact second by GPS. Algorithms analyze the traffic, weather and road conditions in order to calculate the optimal route. go.sennder.com offers, for example, the possibility to view the predetermined route or the current traffic situation on an integrated map. The constant phone calls are eliminated, and delays automatically forwarded by the generation of the live data via e-mail or API interface to a predefined contact person. The driver is well-connected with a mobile app on their smartphone or integration of his GPS system and is able to transmit live information with a click. This way also possible intermediate stops or even the smallest bypass of traffic jams will be precisely documented by tracking the location. As soon as the goods reach the planned destination point, a notification will automatically be sent to you.

Live-Tracking optimizes in all areas

Especially high-quality or time-critical goods may thus be delivered via the GPS-real-time information, in the best possible way. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also creates the opportunity for you to optimally use the available capacity.

Even the post-processing is simplified by tracking the trucks. The analysis of the GPS data allows for a detailed reporting of travel, rest, and jam times.

And this is how it works

Our portal go.sennder.com offers you an intuitive operation and maximum transparency, the ability to make your logistics processes even more efficient and easier to implement and to convince the recipient of your delivery with the latest technology and the best service.