Scania partnership

sennder & Scania

Our strong partnership

Since 2017, Scania has been a part of the sennder DNA. The leading Swedish truck manufacturer supports us in improving our software and digitizing our transport processes, whilst also being a strong partner to our carriers. Through the close cooperation, sennder now offers its customers key tools such as driver apps, fleet management software as well as individual reports and automated notifications. On top, Scania drivers also benefit from a higher utilization of their fleet, reducing costs and harmful emissions.

Scania invested an eight-digit Euro sum in sennders unique digital approach and has been one of the most important partners ever since. Together, we serve Europe's largest shippers and ensure our carriers leading vehicle conditions.

As sennder Co-founder David Nothacker highlights: "The transport industry is facing a revolutionary transformation through digitalization. With the knowledge and network of Scania, we will be able to accelerate our growth journey, with the ambition to offer the most customer focused and efficient service in the sector."

"In a short time, sennder has been able to secure and develop long term contracts with some of the most demanding buyers of logistic services in Europe. By leveraging their digital platform, sennder increases the customer service level significantly while reducing cost for all involved parties," added Scania Growth Capital founder, Christian Zeuchner.

We thank Scania for the strong partnership and continuous support in digitizing the European road freight industry.