Reinventing our product workflow with Miro

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Reinventing our product workflow with Miro

Thomas Pitou is a senior product designer who leads the design team in Paris. In this article, he explains how the product team uses Miro as a tool to keep a collaborative mindset while working remotely.

As far as I remember, from joining the team in February 2020, the previous product and design team at Everoad always had the mindset of tackling problems together and sharing learnings with others as often as possible, instead of working in silos.

What is Miro?

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How we use it

Team retro

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Research repository

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For each new project which needs at least a bit of research, we like to start with a blank Miro board, where we put all our findings from different sources: user tests, stakeholders interviews, surveys, etc…


Ideation and brainstorming workshop

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How to run a remote workshop

Before the workshop

During the workshop

If you work in a large company, there is a chance that your guests don’t know each other. Asking people to introduce themselves, as you would do in a regular workshop is a good way to start.

Final thoughts


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