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Transport services

Refrigerated transports
Express deliveries
Special needs loads
Consumer goods
E-commerce logistics
Same-Day logistics

Refrigerated transports

'Thanks to latest technology, we do not simply optimize the efficiency of our routes, but also ensure that loading and unloading windows are held.
Laws and standards
Regardless of the goods loaded, we make sure that all transport regulations and guidelines are complied with.

We develop transparent and custom-made solutions for your logistics supply chain and cater to your requirements. Our broad network enables us to provide you with the right vehicle – at any time. Regardless of your transport requirements, we can always meet your wishes through our nationwide network. We have vehicles with a temperature range of -30 °C to +30 °C. Our experienced staff can guarantee Europe-wide connections and availabilities. In times where the locations of manufacturing, packaging and distribution of your products are spread across the globe, we have the mission to control the flow of your goods as efficiently as possible. Benefit from our flexibility and reliability, we are the right partner for your refrigerated concern. That's what logistics of tomorrow look like. Book your truck, make an enquiry or give us a call. We are there for you!

Express deliveries

Efficiency and speed
No matter the destination, with more than 3,000 connected vehicles, we are always ready to meet your requirements throughout Europe.
Transparency and diligence
Our processes are designed as transparent as possible. Starting from the transport booking, all the way to the entire transport documentation.

When it comes to express deliveries, we accommodate all your requirements. No matter if it concerns a single pallet or a full truck load (FTL), we always have the right vehicle for your needs. Our company is characterized by intelligence and innovation, tailored to your requirements! We are connected to over 3,000 vehicles and can arrange a van or truck within 180 minutes all across Europe. Our team of experienced planners always develop a targeted solution to your needs. Spot/ad-hoc, express or regular shipments, we can perfectly integrate sennder into your transport chain. We take care of your entire road-freight supply chain, while you can easily accompany each step from your smartphone or computer. We guarantee fast and stress less transports, without unnecessary worries. In addition, your designated contact person is always available in case of questions.

Special needs loads

High standards
Our goal is to always meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Your dedicated contact person is there to assist you at any time.
Vehicles and equipment
No matter how small or large your requirements are, we have the right vehicle for you. Special requirements in combination with specialized equipment are no problem for us.

When it comes to the transport of heavy machinery, custom-made solutions are a prerequisite for a smooth process. We align our services according to your requirements, design individual solutions and integrate our process into your supply chain. Especially in the segment of overweight or oversize transports, our competent team and long-standing experience make us your suitable partner. The booming economic momentum in Europe entails large and high-scale projects, which we are well prepared and equipped for. Our dedicated project managers have extensive market knowledge, which guarantees seamless project management on a German standard in compliance with country-specific regulations.

Consumer goods

It can happen that fresh goods are transported as part of a consumer-goods load. Especially then, a time-accurate pickup and delivery is essential – with us you are in good hands.
With consumer goods, there may be last minute changes in the transport requirements. We at sennder act quickly and flexible to be your best partner in this complex market.

The enormous variety of goods and products in the consumer goods industry makes it a complex market, requiring very specific solutions. Mixed loads are often the consequence and TVs, preserves and other household goods end up on the same truck. The companies in this industry are the hub of the most complex logistics processes, requiring specific solutions tailored to the clients' needs. We at sennder know these processes and procedures. Thanks to our team of knowledgeable experts, we know how to act in exceptional cases. In the event of production failures, fluctuations in demand or production-related delays, we act immediately. In addition, our goal is to act as flexible as possible, to perfectly cater to your customers and their requirements.

E-commerce logistics

Drawing from our experience with Europe's leading e-commerce companies, we can also generate value to your supply chain.
Flexible availability
Even if the requirements change in the last minute, due to volume fluctuations, we can act quickly and flexible to save unnecessary costs – according to your needs.

sennder is your one-stop solution for all services and creates highest transparency in all transport processes through our integrated technology. As a partner carrier of Europe's largest e-commerce platforms, we constantly pursue to create value to your supply chain. That is why we developed our in-house IT solution – For you! With a special focus on tech and innovation, we develop scalable transport solutions that are tailored to the core aspects of the individual supply chains. We provide maximum optimization to your e-commerce logistics processes. Irrespective of exact delivery volumes, we can jointly develop the right concept and cover virtually all facets of e-commerce logistics.

Same-Day logistics

Standby and reliability are key factors in the field of same-day logistics. This allows us to provide vehicles within a few minutes.
Through our long and intensive cooperation with Europe's largest e-commerce companies, we are experienced and gladly create a same-day delivery concept with you. We can jointly realize the decisive added value in your daily supply chain.

The change in consumer's behavior requires more flexibility in the logistics supply chain. To adjust to this change, we have developed a same-day delivery concept for various e-commerce companies. In accordance with the motto: ordered today, delivered today. By relying on our in-house developed technology, we offer our customers complete transparency throughout the entire supply chain and can deliver on time. In the unlikely case of delays, our system will automatically notify you with an adjusted estimated time of arrival (ETA). With a special focus on tech and innovation, we develop solutions that are ideally tailored to the core aspects of your individual supply chain. Irrespective of the exact delivery volumes, we can jointly develop the right concept for you and cover all facets of your same-day delivery supply chain.

Transport types

Tautliner & Box

Loading meters 13,6 m
Cargo load 24.000 kg
Euro pallets 33
CBM 90 m3


Loading meters 13,6 m
Cargo load 20 - 30.000 kg
Cargo width 2,5 m
Cargo height 2,65 m
CBM 90 m3

Swap container & Bridges

Loading meters 13,6 m
Cargo load 14.500 kg
Cargo width 2,5 m
Cargo height 2,65 m
CBM 46 m3


Loading meters 13,6 m
Cargo load 24.000 kg
Cargo height 3,0 m
Euro pallets 33
CBM 100 m3


Loading meters 15,4 m
Cargo load 22.000 kg
Euro pallets 38
CBM 120 m3


Loading meters 13,6 m
Cargo load 23.000 kg
Euro pallets 32
CBM 90 m3

7,5t / 12,0t

Cargo load 2.400 / 5.400 kg
Euro pallets 15 / 18
CBM 35 / 45 m3

Transporter / Van

Cargo load 1.000 kg
Euro pallets 5
CBM 7 m3
Otters, our shipper platform

Full visibility on transport orders with one click

With otters, shippers manage all their transport orders fully digitally on a dedicated platform enabling full transparency. From transport order, GPS tracking to document management. All key exchanges between shippers and sennder are managed digitally with a few simple clicks.

Shipper control tower

Access end-to-end visibility to enable decision making on real time analytics and to manage transport documents digitally.

Dynamic expected time of arrival

Staying up-to-date on delays and expected arrival times to gain the control over the entire transportation process.

Notifications and alerts on-the-go

Set and receive notification and alerts based on specific events to address disruptions before they disrupt connected logistics flows.

Data analytics

Leverage the power of data to maximize the efficiency of supply chains with historic and real time data through APIs.

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