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Meet your green targets with advanced biofuels and eMobility.


Reduce emissions by up to 90% in nearly every country in Europe by using advanced fuels like HVO renewable diesel


Our green transport network is set up so that your transports can run low-carbon without having to invest in vehicles or infrastructure


Get a clear picture of emission reduction. Tracking and reporting per-shipment through GLEC-Accredited, industry-leading calculation standards.

Get a complete network analysis, free, and learn how green logistics can help you maintain sustainability — for the long term.
Advanced biofuels
Our customers save thousands of tons of carbon emissions annually

1,000kg CO₂e per 1,000 km*

Standard Fossil Diesel Fuel

Regular emissions

100kg CO₂e per 1,000 km*

Renewable Diesel Fuel (HVO)

90% reduced emissions

0kg CO₂e per 1,000 km**

Electric Trucks

lowest emissions
* based on 24 t payload,  **zero emissions for electric vehicles using renewable energy sources

Operating with sennder's advanced fuel solutions means that you can run 10 transports for the same emissions as 1 transport on diesel.

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Certifications & memberships

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding renewable diesel (HVO)

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HVO is a renewable diesel produced primarily from food waste products such as used cooking oil. HVO can be mixed with fossil diesel from 1% - 100% without any engine performance or maintenance cycle impacts. That means that carriers can use their existing vehicles while reducing carbon emissions by up to 90%.
B100 is the first generation of biodiesel and is usually produced from rapeseed oil in Europe. Many existing diesel engines require small changes to their engines in order to run on B100, making it slightly more challenging to scale than HVO. B100 reduces emissions by up to 60% compared to fossil diesel.
Electric trucks can be powered by grid electricity and reduce emissions by approximately 63% on average in Europe. When powered by 100% renewable electricity, electric trucks are able to operate emissions free. Over the lifecycle of the trucks, electric trucks are an excellent solution for full decarbonization of heavy duty transport - especially on high-volume short- and medium-haul lanes.

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Two HVO Services Offer Full Transparency and Control
HVO is a simple and hassle-free way to reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% – in every region and on every load.

Direct Fueling


The sennder EARTH System automatically calculates the number of liters of fuel needed for each load. We ensure that the correct number of liters are fueled en route during transit.

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Customer Load

Estimated Fuel:350 liters
Prevented Emissions:1 tCO₂e
Carbon Reduction:90%

Flexible Fueling


HVOFlex enables our shippers to decarbonize on even the most difficult transports: imagine a world where even spot loads and tough geographies are decarbonized with 100% renewable diesel. This is a reality with HVOFlex.


HVOFlex Customer Load

HVO Required:350 liters
HVO Fueled:0 liters
Prevented Emissions:1 tCO₂e
Carbon Reduction:90%
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Diesel Network Load Fueled HVO

HVO Required:0 liters
HVO Fueled:350 liters
Prevented Emissions:0 tCO₂e
Carbon Reduction:0%

Certified since 2022

In order to give you a clear roadmap to make your transports greener, we look at three implementation steps:
  • HVO & HVOFlex
  • Electric Trucks
  • Green Network Analysis
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Thorough analysis what types of advanced biofuels can be used in each case.

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Ship your loads with zero emissions, when using renewable energy sources.

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We show you the path to decarbonizing at scale providing you a full picture of your carbon emissions and green potential

Work with our dedicated team of Green Business Experts

Together we can enable deep decarbonization throughout your FTL supply chain

Graham Major-Ex

Graham Major-Ex

Senior Director of Green Business & eMobility           

Berlin, Germany
Otto Gussenhoven

Otto Gussenhoven

Global Key Account Manager, Green Business

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Anna Kochet

Anna Kochet

Sales Manager, Green Business                           

Wroclaw, Poland
Remy Despoix

Rémi Despoix

Sales Manager, Green Business                           

Paris, France
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