Unlock Efficiency, Enhance Visibility, Optimize Network & Scale with our Control Tower Solution
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sennder's 3PL+ Control Tower offers a holistic solution to address all your challenges

Unlike Traditional 2PL/3PL providers who focus solely on transportation, sennder's 3PL+ control tower solution is much more comprehensive. We analyse your network for inefficiencies, integrate our network with yours, outlining a holistic procurement and operations strategy. Operating as consultants, completely running this set-up on your behalf, we're constantly refining your operations and carrier network.

  • Custom Solutions
    Every control tower will be built upon the customers standard-operating-procedures, goals and expectations.
  • Streamlined Control
    With our centralized management approach, all your procurement and operations activities are handled via a single point of contact, taking into account any specific language requirements for operators.
  • Procurement and Operation Synergies
    The power is in your hands and you dictate the level of engagement. Stay immersed in daily operations or take a strategic view from above, you get to pick what works best for you.
Unlock these key benefits with sennCONTROL

Dramatically Reduce Your Logistics Costs

Our control tower optimizes your network, enabling significant cost-saving opportunities across procurement, routing, and operations.

Offload Your Logistics Management

Transfer carrier management, freight procurement, and daily operations to sennder's experts, freeing up your team's time to focus on core business challenges.

Unlock Unparalleled Supply Chain Visibility

Take full command of your freight network with real-time tracking, robust data analytics, and an intuitive shipper portal.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

With our advanced analytics you leverage supply chain data into actionable insights, empowering you to constantly optimize, improve and scale.

Instant Analytics at your Fingerprints

Effortlessly integrate your existing systems with sennControl (via EDIs or APIs) for streamlined analytics and data insights all in one place.

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

Our network and shipment insights help you identify and implement opportunities to minimize emissions throughout your supply chain.

sennCONTROL Services
Optimized Carrier Sourcing and Cost-Effective Strategies

Procurement Management

Carrier Sourcing

Vetting, tendering, price negotiations, and contracting are handled by us

Carrier Benchmarking

We provide you with continuous performance and cost comparisons

Shipment details-sennder
We Manage Your Entire Operation with Continuous Improvement

Operations Management

Transport Planning

We take care of your dispatching, slot booking, incident management and invoicing

Supply Chain Improvement Recommendations

By leveraging data, we make your operations more efficient

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Shipper Portal

Shipment Analytics

Gain visibility and optimize your network operations with performance, financial and geographical data, as well as ready-to-go reports and insights

CO₂e Emissions Reporting

Get access to comprehensive reports on carbon emissions and realized savings to track the impact on the decarbonization of road freight transport

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