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4 minute read • sennder Team • December 15, 2020

Meet Kamila Gubernator, Team Lead for Partnership Management

As part of the five-person team that set up sennder’s Polish operations in 2019, Kamila has played a pivotal role in the growth of our presence in the Polish market. We wanted to hear more about how she got into logistics and what it’s like working in such a high growth environment.
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Kamila Gubernator is part of our Polish team and rose to the position of Team Lead in just three years in the logistics industry.

As part of the five-person team that set up sennder’s Polish operations in 2019, Kamila has played a pivotal role in the growth of our presence in the Polish market. We wanted to hear more about how she got into logistics and what it’s like working in such a high growth environment.

Kamila, you spent three years working as a teacher. How did you end up at sennder?

I was looking for something new but didn’t know exactly what, and then the logistics sector caught my eye. It was quite the change! But I love working with people, and that’s something that education and logistics actually have in common. They’re both very people-focused. I followed my gut and took a chance, and it was definitely the right choice for me!

My journey in the logistics industry started with a year and a half at Coyote Logistics, but I was immediately attracted by sennder’s ambitious culture. The company had grown quickly into Europe’s leading digital freight forwarder through partnerships with well-known global companies like Scania, and new markets were on the horizon. The opportunity to be part of the new Polish team was something I just couldn’t pass up!

The transition to sennder was smooth. I had met Tim (Chief Growth Officer) and Kris (Managing Director Poland) at Freightex before it became Coyote and was drawn to the kind of dynamic work atmosphere they were building. Everything just fell into place.

Give us some insight into your day-to-day. What’s it like to work at sennder?

As Team Lead I focus on expanding our carrier network in Poland, implementing new processes and ideas, and communicating with senior management regarding operations topics. I lead a team of eight people who manage relationships with our individual carriers and support in-house account managers. They also test software improvements for our carriers and evaluate feedback.

My morning routine is always the same – that’s important to me – but apart from that, every day is different. There’s a daily team briefing at 8:30 AM with our principal and other team leads to set goals and talk about any current challenges. Then I communicate with my team about our focus for the day. From then on, my schedule depends on how I can best support the business.

I could be chatting with carriers or troubleshooting logistical problems. We’ve made a big effort over the past few years to help carriers automate their systems and integrate our online platform into their daily work. This has taken time, but it’s a long overdue development in the industry - and it gives me a chance to make good use of the people skills I’ve developed over the years.

It’s a really exciting time to be working in logistics. Developments in tech mean we can constantly improve our services. On the local level, the Polish market faces challenges ranging from a shortage of drivers to regulatory changes. But at sennder, we believe that automation and digitalization can help address many of these issues.

That’s so interesting. Can you tell us more about how technology has impacted the market?

A lot of trucking companies have embraced digitalization now, but that wasn’t the case even two years ago. As Team Lead for Partner Management, I’m particularly proud of helping carriers process all their documents online and implement real time tracking for their fleets. As Team Lead it’s my responsibility to ensure that our technology is making our partners’ lives easier, and it’s gratifying to see it working.

A lot has happened since you joined sennder last year. What impact does the company culture have on your work?

Well, sender is growing really fast. When I joined the new Polish team, I was one of five. There are now 55 of us in Poland, and over 600 internationally! While that kind of speedy growth can be stressful, it’s also exciting. We’ve acquired and merged with a few companies this year like Uber Freight Europe and Everoad, which created this feeling of being on a group journey. It’s also helped us improve our technology, which of course means we can offer better service to our shippers and carriers.

Overall, I’d say that sennder culture is innovative, positive, and flexible. Some of us are logistics experts, and some come from completely different industries, so we get a diverse range of perspectives and opinions. I think this diversity, plus a pioneering spirit and can-do attitude, has helped us achieve our success.

One of the things I’m most proud of is our feedback culture. Senior management is always keen to hear how they can improve. As a team lead myself, I also have the chance to participate in this feedback culture both as an employee and as a manager. I feel like people really listen here.

What advice would you give someone considering a career in logistics?

Relationships are so important in logistics. You have relationships with carriers, shippers, and within your own team, and you have to be a strong communicator, ready to react and problem solve at a moment’s notice. It can be challenging in the beginning, but don’t let yourself get discouraged! Especially as a woman leading a team in an industry that’s still male-dominated, I’ve found that having a strong point of view, knowing your stuff, and leading with empathy will get you far.

Also, I’m a big believer in teamwork. I love the team spirit at sennder. We all want to use technology to revitalize this industry and help shippers and carriers. Working together will help us get there.

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