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sennder carriers have exclusive access to the most profitable orders, steepest discounts, and fastest payments.

Reasons to join sennder

Fast payment terms

sennder offers fair prices as well as reliable payment terms of less than 3 days.

We bring you back home

We are making sure that you will have a tour back home and thus reduce your amount of empty kilometers.

Dedicated Support

Our team of dedicated account managers will be at your disposal working with you to ensure your questions or issues are solved.

Regular transports

Regular tours and transports improve your planning capability throughout the year as well as reduce your effort of finding new transports.


Most advanced digital technology

What does being digital mean for sennder? For us, being digital is the opportunity to use the most advanced technology to make traditional road freight logistics simpler - for everyone involved. Become one of our partners - we apply our highly advanced routing and network optimization algorithms to provide you with tours which complement and extend your business. Combining your favoured locations throughout Europe with the requirements of our large and diverse customer base allows us to spot your perfect load, often just around the corner.

This week numbers:

New partners onboarded
New lanes
Empty kilometers saved
orcas, our carrier platform

Easily source and manage your transports

orcas' marketplace and transport management tools allow you to find orders and manage your day-to-day business all in one place.

Increase your profits

View and bid on thousands of exclusive transports guaranteed by sennder. Maximize your profits with Automated Next Load Suggestions, tailored to your preferred lanes and fleet availability.

Plan your transports

Get a comprehensive overview of all of your week's transports. With one click, you can seamlessly search for new marketplace orders that fill the gaps in your schedule.

Manage your fleet

Track the status of your vehicle and driver assignments. To save even more time, your Fleet integrates truck and trailer information from your previous sennder orders.

Systematise your orders

Add, assign, and manage all your sennder and non-sennder transports, from execution all the way to completion. Easily find important order information, automatically updated with any changes you make to your Planner or Fleet.


From our carriers

One of the biggest strengths of sennder are our partnerships with carriers, with whom we proudly share a high level of trust and loyalty. In order to be able to guarantee this, we maintain regular contact with our partners and are always by their side. We believe that this is the only way for both teams to grow and thrive successfully. Have a look for yourself.

Volodymyr Protsko

FTM Marcin Dobruchowski

We have been working with sennder for almost two years now. Since the start, we have never regretted to partner up with such a young player in the road freight market. Quite contrary, sennder's digital solutions guarantee a new and simple way to tackle our daily business. Moreover, there is always a friendly face we can trust to support us with whatever kind of issue comes up.

Roberto Nica

Nima Autotrasporti

I've been working with sennder for about a year now and frankly, my increased corporate growth is owed largely to their contribution. Other than some of their competitors, sennder gave me the opportunity to grow, especially in terms of integrity, punctuality, and effectiveness in the transport business. Above all by making sure to always meet my needs at best. sennders' fast responsiveness to problems and the regular allocation of tours gives me and my company the security we need.

Irene Güntner

Güntner Transports

We have been working together for two years now and after one year 99% of our loads were with sennder. What do we like most? We can upload the shipping documents electronically, receive a credit note on the same day and have a personal dispatcher, who specifically only takes care of us. This saves us admin costs and still allows us to plan our lanes and vehicles independently. It is particularly advantageous for us because we can decide whether we accept offered lanes or not. We recommend sennder 100%!

Get in touch with our dispatchers

Our team of logistics experts and partner managers makes sennder the most agile digital freight forwarder in Europe. Day to day, they go the extra mile to make your day simpler and better. Dive into some of their stories here and understand why sennder offers you so many advantages in the established road freight market.

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