Building Europe's
#1 Digital freight

Building Europe's #1 Digital Freight Forwarder

About Everoad

Everoad was founded in 2016 by Maxime Legardez to digitize the road freight industry by connecting shippers and carriers in real time. Early 2018, Everoad acquired the status of freight forwarder, which allows it to position itself on all calls for tender in Europe.

Everoad’s online solution guarantees capacity for shippers, thanks to a network of over 6,500 carrier partners in Europe. The platform calculates and displays the cost of loads in real-time, tracking is monitored on a dedicated dashboard and all transport documents and invoices are digitized for instant access.

Everoad gives Carriers the opportunity to optimize loads with spot and regular freight, between 1 and 33 pallets, from over 5000 SME and multinational shippers.

Since its launch, Everoad has raised EUR 18m and counts over 110 employees in two offices; Paris and Warsaw.

For further information, please visit us on our website and LinkedIn.