sennder se lansează în România în vederea întăririi densității rețelei proprii din Europa

sennder se lansează în România în vederea întăririi densității rețelei proprii din Europa

Berlin, Bucharest, May 4 - sennder, Europe's leading digitized freight forwarder , opens a new office in Bucharest, thus entering the market as the first digital freight forwarding service provider in the region. With 11 offices across Europe, sennder continues its strategic expansion to increase the density of the transport network. With the new office in Bucharest, sennder will supplement its growing presence in Central and Eastern Europe, after the offices in Poland and the Baltic States.

With more than 90,000 drivers and 25,000 transport companies, Romania is one of the fastest growing logistics and transport markets in Europe, representing an essential bridge between Central and Eastern Europe. sennder was the first company to enter the market in the region by opening representative offices in Poland in September 2019 and in the Baltic States in May 2020. Since then, sennder has rapidly expanded its presence, launching its digital offering on the market, aimed to increase efficiency and transparency in the region.

"We are pleased to announce the expansion of our company in Romania, one of the largest logistics markets in Europe. The opening of this office represents an important step towards the implementation of our vision to lead logistics towards a sustainable future by harnessing the advantages of technology. By strengthening our presence in Europe, we will continue to unlock new opportunities for carriers and shippers, facilitating a much more efficient and transparent road logistics in the conditions of a complex and unpredictable market environment." said Tom Christenson, sennder's chief administrative officer.

The sennder operations in Romania are led by Bogdan-Gabriel Steliean. Steliean comes to the sennder management team with over 10 years of experience in the field of logistics and transport, gained at partners in the field of freight transport, DHL Freight and GEFCO Group. The company aims to expand the Bucharest team from 11 employees at present to 40 employees by the end of the year. sennder is hiring for virtually all positions, including HR, finance and sales.

Bogdan-Gabriel Steliean, Senior Manager, Operations Romania, adds: "The expansion of the number of offices is the next logical step in order to achieve a higher density of the most extensive carrier network in Europe. Given the volatility of logistics in Europe, we want to anchor in Central and Eastern Europe with more carriers and forwarders. We want to become a reliable partner of carriers and shippers in Romania, who will surely take advantage of the advantages offered by sennder's digital platform and manage to mitigate the shortcomings present in the market.

sennder's mission is to use the benefits offered by data processing to create an efficient road transport network. Through its digital platform, sennder directly connects large enterprise-level shippers with small and medium-sized shipping companies. sennder has the ability to provide shippers and carriers with more routes, increased visibility and greater savings, while also helping to reduce emissions. The sennder platform includes 40,000 trucks serving ten carriers in the DAX 30 Germany and eleven in the Euro Stoxx 50 - with over 1 million loads transported to date.

About sennder

sennder was founded in 2015 by David Nothacker, Julius Köhler and Nicolaus Schefenacker. The company is Europe's leading digitized freight forwarder, offering hauliers access to their own connected fleet of thousands of trucks. In the context of the traditional industry, sennder moves quickly and focuses on digitizing and automating all road logistics processes. sennder has 40,000 trucks across Europe, with access to more than 120,000 vehicles, and a team of over 900 employees. By taking advantage of its own patented technology, sennder is building an ecosystem through which this industry can enter the 21st century with a new level of transparency, efficiency and flexibility. sennder enjoys the support of renowned investors such asBaillie Gifford, Accel, Lakestar, Fiege, HV Capital , Project A , Next47 , Scania Growth Capital , Earlybird or Perpetual . Moreover, to ensure continuity of innovations and cutting-edge offers, sennder has joined forces with Scania and Siemens , champions in their field.

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