Edgard & Coooper
Case Study
Edgard & Cooper partners with sennder – moving fast toward green logistics

Edgard & Cooper are nature lovers. They offer a complete range of nutritious, natural food for dogs and cats in environmentally - conscious packaging - sustainable food that pet owners can feel good about.

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"At Edgard & Cooper, we are on a mission to protect the great outdoors for people, our pets and the future of our planet."
— Charles Skehan, Brand Manager

The Challenge

Environmental impact and sustainability are at the core of Edgard & Cooper’s business model. They wanted to eliminate emissions by 2050, but when they analyzed the impact of their indirect emissions (Scope 3) - they were overwhelmed. As an innovative and forward-thinking company, Edgard & Cooper needed a like-minded freight forwarder with clear environmental goals. A meeting with the sennder Green Team provided the solutions they were seeking.

The Solution

At first, Edgard & Cooper spoke with us about maintaining efficient and cost-effective road transport. As they learned about green logistic solutions from sennder, specifically HVO, the conversation shifted. They realized the potential of a strategic partnership and discovered how we could help them reduce road freight emissions, immediately and long-term, with our advanced, in-house technology.


HVO is made from 100% renewable materials and can reduce up to 90% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG or CO2e) when compared with fossil diesel.

HVO is fully compatible with all diesel engine and has a similar chemical composition to fossil diesel. This means that it is a drop-in replacement for fossil diesel.

HVO trucks on highway

The Results

Making a quick and easy switch to HVOFlex25 biofuels helped Edgard & Cooper instantly reduce emissions. HVOFlex is sennder's fast scaling HVO insetting product, which is book and claim compliant, enabling HVO implementation and reducing emissions with maximum flexibility within sennder’s transport network, and matching shippers’ green targets and budgets. Now, sennder operates 100% of Edgard & Cooper’s loads with this Green solution, reducing carbon emissions by 22.5% as soon as they started in December 2022, in addition to doubling their transport volume. Edgard & Cooper chose sennder for their ability to reduce carbon emissions in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing efficiency.
22.5% less CO2e emissions from start of partnership, and up to 90% less CO2e emissions projected over the next 2 years

The Future

More than just a road freight provider, sennder is a strategic partner, working with Edgard & Cooper to develop a green logistics roadmap. By partnering together, Edgard & Cooper and sennder have the potential to reduce 90% of carbon emissions over the next 2 years.*
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"Working together with sennder feels like working together with a friend, they understand our needs and share our vision about the planet"
— Laura De Coninck, Distribution Manager
HVOFlex options allow sennder's shippers to match fiscal investments with carbon targets

About sennder

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