November 10, 2022

Going beyond GPS: How leveraging advanced data is transforming the freight logistics industry

Webinar hosted by Bianca Bachman, sennder’s Program Manager of Commercial Operations. Joining the discussion, we have Michael Moffett, CO3’s EVP of Data Marketplace. Michael discusses important market challenges, and reveals key elements of data networks to help shippers unlock the power of road freight data.

Webinar: Advanced data is changing the logistics industry

Webinar: Improving logistics with advanced road freight data

Length: 47:23

Whether you’re shipping country-to-country or across the EU, you’re working in an unpredictable logistics market.

One way to stay ahead of disruption is to take advantage of advanced road freight data; details like fuel consumption and temperature status can give you more control.

If you’re concerned about the efficiency of your shipments, you’re not alone. With conflicting demands like reducing transport costs, increasing capacity and meeting emissions targets, many companies are tasked with performing the impossible.

Even if you’re already using GPS to track your shipments, you may not be getting the full picture. Gaining control over your supply chain requires deeper insights, details like driving style, fuel consumption and temperature status. But there is a way to meet all of these demands, while increasing efficiency and avoiding supply chain bottlenecks. Advanced road freight data can help you guarantee that your shipments arrive intact and on time, while guiding you towards your emissions goals.

Here are a few takeaways:

  • Current market challenges, including fragmented IoT providers, are creating complexity for shippers trying to access data

  • The high connectivity rate of transport vehicles are providing vast amounts of data for shippers and logistics companies

  • Regardless of increased opportunities and IoT solutions, shippers experience a “data gap”

  • Accessing advanced road freight data helps shippers gain more visibility and create a more predictable shipping market

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