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Book and secure loads from anywhere with the sennder app

The sennder app now features Marketplace and Assignments, making load booking and fleet management available on your mobile device. Learn more about the release.
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Small trucking companies make up the vast majority of trucks on the road, many with 10 trucks or less in the fleet. At these small trucking companies, employees often play many different roles; searching for freight to keep their fleet utilization high, performing administrative tasks, and driving which means they are often on-the-move, away from a computer, causing them to miss out on potential freight opportunities. 

What if you could make deliveries faster and more efficient, manage your fleet in one central place, and adapt to changes and challenges in real time?

Marketplace and Assignments now available in the sennder app

We are excited to introduce Marketplace and Assignments in the sennder app. This new feature means you can search for, bid on, and book freight from anywhere with a mobile device. This new capability is now available to all sennder carriers who have an orcas account. 

The latest version of the sennder app addresses these challenges, providing you with 24/7 access to all available sennder shipments at your fingertips. 

"We saw a strong appetite from dispatchers and owner-operators to access business opportunities on the go, and we are always looking for opportunities to save them time. Now, within seconds and a few taps, dispatchers can get a load confirmed while supervising operations”
— Martin Pigeon, Senior Director of Carrier Product

How Marketplace in the sennder app works

Marketplace in the sennder app uses sennder’s proprietary recommendation technology to offer shipments that fit your business and preferences. Dispatchers can also use the search engine to search for loads matching their preferred corridors, equipment type, and pickup/delivery dates. Then place a bid, or book immediately with one click for loads you want to haul, helping you to keep your trucks full. 

sennder-secure-and-book-sennderHow Assignment in the sennder app works

Assignments are the dedicated freight loads that a carrier receives from sennder on their contracted lanes. A dispatcher would need to accept/reject these assignments within the indicated period of time.

To accept the assignment the dispatcher needs to navigate to the assignment section where a list of all the open assignments will be available;  they can view the order details and then press on the accept/reject button. After this acceptance or rejection, the order will no longer be available in this list of assignments.

sennder-secure-and-book loadsGetting started with Marketplace in the sennder app for orcas users:

Already have an orcas log in? Getting started with Marketplace in the sennder app takes three simple steps.

  1. Download sennder app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store 

  2. Launch the app and select ‘Login as a carrier’

  3. Use your orcas credentials to login and you’re all set

Signing up as a new user for Marketplace in the sennder app

New to booking loads with sennder? You’ll first need an orcas account. You can start the process by creating an account on our website.Once complete, you can follow the steps above to download and use Marketplace in the sennder app. 


Why should I work with sennder?

Working with sennder to book loads and manage your trucking business means you maximize efficiency, productivity and profits. sennder focuses on full truck load (FTL) and our goal is to help you balance the flow of shipments (and therefore, revenue), reduce the empty kilometers and minimize fuel costs. Our digital carrier platform offers a marketplace where you can quickly search for exclusive sennder loads. It leverages algorithms to suggest loads and trip bundles based on your preferences.

Learn more about our solutions for full truck load capacity and how we can help you access the most profitable orders, the steepest discounts, and the fastest payments.

Why should I use the Marketplace and sennder app?

The addition of Marketplace in the sennder app is a new feature that adds valuable functionality to an already helpful app. Now you can search for loads, bid on shipments and book your freight in addition to managing your fleet and getting paid sooner.

Learn more about the features and benefits of the sennder app.

What is the assignment in the sennder app?

Assignments are the dedicated freight loads that a carrier gets after winning the tender and signing the contract with sennder. Carrier can confirm/reject these dedicated orders [a.k.a Assignment] directly from the Assignments section of the App

How can I work with sennder for Dedicated freight load contracts?

Sennder publishes new lanes to tender every alternate Monday. Carriers can bid on tendered lanes under the Marketplace->Tender section from the desktop/laptop.

How are payments streamlined by using the sennder app?

Using the sennder app means you can streamline payments with POD uploads. Drivers can use a mobile device and the sennder app to mark delivery as complete and upload photos of documents. This eliminates the need to turn in paperwork to the office upon returning from tours, reducing lag time and administrative burdens.

Learn more about streamlining payments with the sennder app

What are the benefits of working with sennder?

There are numerous benefits to working with sennder, from access to enterprise shipper loads to the digital tools to streamline operations. But don’t take our word for it. Our successful carrier partners offered their story of growth with sennder.

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