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4 minute read • sennder Team • August 3, 2022

Explore Digital Solutions to Maximize Trucking Capacity

Traditional ways of working can be costly, time-consuming, and inefficient. Learn how sennder offers greater flexibility, transparency, and efficiency.
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Between soaring fuel prices, driver shortages, and supply chain pressures, carriers are facing immense challenges today. Amid these intensifying constraints, traditional ways of working can be costly, time-consuming, and inefficient.

Delayed payments are one pain that carriers deal with all too often. It regularly takes 30, 60 or even 90 days for invoices to be paid, and these long lead times are made worse by inefficient administrative processes. Traditionally, carriers must wait to submit invoices until the appropriate proof of delivery (POD) has been collected, and they have little insight into the status of their payment once they have submitted these documents.

Navigating traditional freight exchanges can also be highly inefficient. Unable to establish preferred lanes, truckers end up carrying loads on lanes that are inconvenient for them. This can lead to long delivery times, or trucks returning empty—meaning lots of empty kilometers and a loss of potential revenue.

Fortunately, there are solutions to these common problems. By partnering with sennder, carriers can enjoy exclusive access to the most profitable orders, the steepest discounts, and the fastest payments.

Ways of working with sennder

sennder is Europe’s largest digital freight forwarding company. Together with our partnered carriers, we moved more than a million truckloads in 2021. We offer carriers access to a vast marketplace of orders and a number of tools that help to streamline order management and payments.

When it comes to working with us, small and medium trucking companies have a number of options: carrying spot loads, tendering contracts on lanes, or chartering.

Picking-up spot loads to fill out your transportation schedule

Carrying spot loads is an easy way to get started with sennder, because it allows you to take as many orders as you want without making long term commitments. Carriers who pass a simple vetting process are granted access to sennder’s exclusive online marketplace where you can access thousands of loads, and bid on those that make sense for your business. Spot shipments are a great solution when you need to occasionally fill openings in your transport schedule. They are also a good strategy for increasing revenue by filling more return loads.

A perk of booking spot with sennder is that some loads on our marketplace can be instantly accepted. This cuts out the time intensive process of bidding against other carriers for loads, and ensures that the fee won't be bid down by competitors.

Tendering contracts on regular lanes

Tendering with sennder, on the other hand, is great if you want to lock-in steady, on-going business. Tendered contracts are basically an agreement to provide carrying capacity on certain lanes, typically for a given number of loads per week for the next year or other fixed period.

As opposed to tendering contracts with big shipping companies–which can be a long, drawn-out process with many stages of negotiation–at sennder we adopt our tendering process to the needs of our carriers. You can tell us where you have capacity, and our team of logistics professionals can find the best offers for your business.

Chartering trucks to maximize profitability

Chartering trucks with sennder is the best option for carriers who have one or more trucks that they can commit to sennder loads, and want to maximize their revenue. By chartering your truck with us, you agree to provide the truck (and a driver) for sennder shipments, and we agree to keep your truck loaded and moving on lanes that fit your business model.

The advantage of chartering with sennder in particular is that our team works closely with you to find loads that meet your drivers’ preferences. We also offer benefits, such as paying for empty kilometers. With chartering hubs strategically placed across Europe, covering local and international lanes, tapping into the vast shipping network we’ve built allows you to access more work opportunities and more cash flow.

Leverage the benefits of our technology

In addition to gaining access to more loads, by working with sennder you gain access to our carrier platform. This allows you to operate with a heightened degree of transparency, flexibility, and efficiency.

Our logistics technology enables carriers to better plan their transports. You can seamlessly search for new marketplace orders to fill gaps in your schedule, and take advantage of Automated Next Load suggestions which are tailored to your fleet availability and preferred lanes.

sennder can reduce your administrative burden, too, allowing you to easily add, assign, and manage all your transports from execution through to completion. Important order information is easy to find, and is automatically updated with any changes you make, saving you valuable time and money.

By harnessing technology to optimize freight forwarding, sennder is a forward-looking company in a traditional industry.

Learn how partnering with sennder can help bring your carrier business into the 21st century TODAY.

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