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1 minute read • sennder Team • July 16, 2021

4 Benefits of GPS for Carriers

The need for real-time visibility for transported loads is often more obvious for shippers. Find out the benefits of having GPS as a carrier.
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Shippers like to know exactly where their loads are. So it’s easy to understand why more and more shippers are requiring GPS tracking on their lanes. But the real-time visibility that GPS provides doesn’t just benefit shippers. It can be a big help for carriers too, and it’s easy to set up.

Benefits of real-time tracking with GPS for carriers

1.It’s a key for growth because it’s industry standard.

Shippers expect real-time visibility and on-time delivery for their freight. Carriers with GPS integration provide transparency for shippers and can manage delivery expectations in real time. The more tracked loads a carrier does, the more business they have access to. GPS also helps fleet managers oversee their trucks more efficiently, which can reduce costs and improve overall performance.

2. It reduces hassle and improves efficiency.

GPS makes “Where’s my load?” calls a thing of the past. With automated load tracking, the dispatcher doesn’t have to call the driver to ask where they are anymore. Because the load is tracked, dispatchers and shippers can be notified if traffic, weather, or any other common delays occur. This also saves drivers the time and money they’d otherwise invest in constant location check-ins.

3. It helps carriers get better service.

At sennder, if a truck is tracking late, the sennder operations team will work with the shipper to get a new appointment time and avoid potential delays upon arrival. ETA and shipment progress are updated automatically, without any additional effort or bother for the carrier.

4. It keeps drivers safe.

Check calls and texts can be dangerous for the driver. The automated tracking provided by GPS helps all involved avoid distracted driving.

With shippers expecting complete transparency on their lanes as a matter of course, enabling GPS tracking should be a no brainer. Carriers who provide real-time tracking with GPS win themselves back more time to focus on growing their business - and they get a leg up on the competition as well.

Email tracking@sennder.com to learn more about GPS at sennder.

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