Road -truck-sennder


Friendly and dynamic.


The lowercase letters together with the rounded font used in the logo are friendly and approachable but still clean and dynamic to match our mission. The symbol represents the connection, dynamism, and forward movement that sennder is bringing to the logistics industry.

Brand Logo-sennder-Construction.

Our logo is carefully constructed to maintain ownable characteristics while allowing for perfect legibility at any size on any application. The symbol is constructed based on the golden ratio and its size, proportions and structure are all connected to it..

sennder logo 2sennder logo-3Clearspace

The clearspace around the logo is equal to the diameter of the symbol.

sennder logo 4Scale

Our logo is designed to scale to small sizes on print and screen.
 The smallest size being 20 pixels wide/0.85 centimeters wide.

sennder logo 5Colors

The logo should be orange on white background, or white on orange background, white on darker background and dark grey on lighter background depending on the composition of your document or slide.

sennder logo 6Placement

The position of the logo will depend on the graphic piece and the content that it contains, but as a general rule, the logo should be centered if alone in the format and on one corner if it shares space with more content. 

sennder logo 7Partnerships

Aligning partnership logos should follow clear space rules. 
The separating line between logos is a vertical line at the same hight as the logo, placed in the middle of the suggested clear space, as shown below.

sennder -partnership LogoVersions

The sennder brand is dynamic. The isotype and the logotype can be used separately and indistinctly. The vertical version of the logo can be used if it fits the format better than the horizontal primary one.


Primary font: Open Sans.

Our choice of font is approachable, human, yet clean and technical. Utilising it helps provide increased visibility and recognition across all touch points for the brand.

sennder-open Sans 2sennder Font typesPairings

The wide variety of weights within the Open Sans font allows dynamism and hierarchy. Semibold weight should be paired with Light weight, and Bold weight should be paired with Regular weight.sennder -font pairing

Headline Box

As a part of our system and a way of getting visual attention, we use boxes to underline headlines. The text inside the boxes is Open Sans always in capital letters for headlines, and small letters for captions. There should be a margin between the box and the type for it to breath, as shown below. 

Running the Extra Mile-sennder brandTeamwork-sennder brandBoxed Colors

The boxes can use any of our brand colors. Just make sure the chosen color generates enough contrast between the background and the box itself. sennder brand 13

Secondary Font: Helvetica Neue

For long texts, paragraphs, lists, or anything but titles, subtitles, headlines and captions, we use Helvetica Neue, a highly readable font. A sure move that will always work out.


It is important to organize typography in 
a hierarchical system according to relative importance or inclusiveness through scale 
and function depending on communication.

Brand type-14-sennderBrand type-15-sennderBrand type-16-sennder

Typography Colors

The type should be dark grey on lighter backgrounds and white on darker backgrounds. The color of the typography should never be black but rather dark grey. Check colors for sennder color codes.

typo color-sennderColors

The Orange

Challenging, optimistic, passionate about what you do, always going the extra mile, delivering for customers, being progressive and successful but also doing something that matters for our carriers. This is what the color Orange means to us.


Primary Colors

Our primary brand colors are orange and white. The orange we use is the most dominant color in all our marketing materials to attract attention and direct the user to an important factor. The white color is used to counter the orange's euphoric energy.sennder Brand colors

Secondary Colors

Our secondary brand colors are the dark and light grey. The dark we use to compliment and tone down our orange, and to bring more subtle accents into the design. The ligher grey we use to display content that is subtle and needs to stand out less and when we need an extra color to represent content that is secondary to context.

sennder brand colors 3

Usage Proportions

It is important to follow the rules of these proportions when creating any brand communication in order to maintain brand consistency and remain accessible for all people.sennder brand colors 5

Color Guidance

Avoid any of the following practices:

  1. Combining brand colors in a way that doesn't secure enough contrast.

  2. Color effects or creating new colors

  3. Displaying the logo on a color not specified on this brand guideline.

    Brand color -dont1

  4. Using black typography instead of the sennder dark grey.

  5. Using a black background.

Using orange typography on any other background but white

Brand colors-058Color Applications

The following applications are allowed: 

  1. (✓) Combining brand colors in a way that secures contrast.

  2. (✓) Using black and white color effect.

  3. (✓) Using white over an orange background

    Brand colors-04 (2)4

  4. (✓) Using dark grey text over light grey or white backgrounds.

  5. (✓) Using white text over dark grey background or over darker imagery.

  6. (✓) Using orange typography over a white background.

    Brand colors-05 (1)11


    Young. Wild. Free.

Our photography curatorship should aim for boldness and clearness and should inspire the viewer with a sense of movement, freedom, youth, and freshness.

sennder scania

Beyond trucks

Although we are in the logistic industry, it is not necessary to include a truck or a road in every single picture. Solid branding is not about the "what" or the "how"... is about the "why". Photography is a great tool for inspiring the audience with sennder's more abstract core values and its spirit. 

  • Logistics: Logistic related images. Use this to talk about the business and the industry.

  • People: "Human" is one of our core values. Let's make it about people and not about machines.

  • Concepts: Images can be very useful for representing abstract concepts in a beautiful way.

    Brand photography-sennder

  • Processes: To show processes or talk about design, business management, creativity, etc.

  • Orange: Embrace the orange. Play around with this folder full of orange imagery.

  • Offices: Our offices are great!  Let's share what these spaces look like with the outer world.

    Brand photography-sennder

  • Tech: A set of futuristic pictures about technology and digitalization to include in sennder graphics.

  • Places: We are a global company. Pictures of the places our offices are located.

  • Internal: Succeed as a team! The best pictures of sennder's events and lifestyle.

    Brand photography-05-sennder

    Photography Guidelines

    Avoid any of the following practices:

  • Framing the pictures.

  • Using pictures with doubtful quality. If it doesn't look great and professional, is better not to use it.

    Photography Guidelines-sennder

  • Cropping the pictures into circles or any other shape.

  • Cropping the pictures into circles or any other shape.

    Brand photography-sennder

  • Writing text over complex content making it hard to read.

  • Using generic photo bank pictures that look fake or overacted.

    Brand photography-sennderPhotography

The photos should be placed without a frame, covering either the full area or half of it vertically or horizontally as shown below:

Brand photography-sennder-1Brand photography-sennder 9Brand photography-sennder-03Iconography

Simple line icons

Our icons are inspired in our symbol, as they are friendly, dynamic and rounded. They have the exact level of detail that allows to represent complex concepts while still remaining simple. Brand iconography-sennder


The set of icons is available in the following colors, which can be used indistinctly. 

Brand iconography-sennder


To secure readability and the right level of contrast, and also to take care of the aesthetics, there are a limited number of color combinations allowed. Orange icons can only be displayed over white background, white icons can be displayed either over dark grey or orange background and dark grey icons can only be displayed over white and never over the orange background. 

(✓) White icon over an orange background.
Brand iconography-04-sennder(✓) White icon over dark grey background.
Brand iconography-sennder1(✓) Dark grey icon over white background.
(✓) Orange icon over white background.

Brand iconography-05-sennder


It is important to organize icons in 
a hierarchical system according to relative importance. We can highlight a specific concept through color. Icons should always be the same size within the same composition.

Brand iconography-6-01-sennder

What if I can't find the asset I need?

  • If you can't find the asset you are looking for after checking the Brand Folder section, you can request it here!

    Do I need to install the sennder typographies before using the templates?

  • Yes, you need to install all of the sennder typographies before downloading any of the sennder assets. If you don't do this, the template might show a random alternative typography instead.

    What if I can't find the picture I need in the Photo Bank?

  • If the concept you need to represent is not in the sennder Photo Bank you can go to Unsplash and try to find a picture there. Just make sure to follow the Photography Guideline.

    How do I install the typographies on my laptop?

  • For installing the typographies on your laptop you first need to download the type files. After doing that you need to open the type files and follow the instalation instructions.

What's the difference between PNG, PDF and SVG?"

  • PNG is the image file format you will need in most cases because it allows a transparent background. PDF and SVG are both vector formats, so you can use them for very large images without risking the resolution. PDF will serve for printing uses, while SVG is the format you are looking for if you need to edit the content with a vector software.

    Can I use a different typography?

  • To secure the brand coherence we need to be consistent, so try to stick with the fonts specified in the typography section. You can find where to download them if you don't have them yet installed in your laptop.

    What if I can't find the icon I need?

  • If you can find the icon you need on the sennder Icon Bank you can request it here. If you need it super fast you can find more icons on The Noun Project but you need to make sure to choose an icon that matchs the iconography styleguide, so it needs to be made out of lines and lines only, has the same thickness and level of detail as our sennder icons and be in the same sennder colors.

    How can I submit my work for the possibility to be featured on the showcase?

For the possiblity to be featured on the sennder brand Showcase you can submite your project here. We will evaluate it share it in this website to inspire others to use the brand to create beautiful and effective graphic pieces.