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2 minute read • sennder Team • November 10, 2021

How sennder makes spot shipping easy

Learn how sennder’s spot shipping services make shipping last-minute or one-off loads as quick and painless as possible.
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If you’ve got spot freight to ship in Europe, there is good news! sennder makes spot shipping at great rates simple.

sennder connects freight with available trucks

As the leading digital European freight forwarder with access to a fleet of 40,000+ trucks across Europe, sennder is actively leveraging our overall capacity to offer highly competitive spot rates to shippers of all sizes and business models.

Access to such a vast fleet of trucks across Europe is the key which allows sennder to offer the same low rates for quality shipping to small and large shippers alike.

“Whether you’re a small business shipping less than ten loads on spot every year or an industry giant that needs to move 100 shipments every day, we can connect you with reliable carriers at highly competitive prices,” says Michael Moffett, director of scaled spot solutions.

Furthermore, sennder’s technology makes shipping as simple as possible. To ship spot with sennder, just send us an email.

Let our spot team work for you

“We have a dedicated spot team,” says Moffett. “Our market experts work directly with shippers to ensure that we have the right capacity available for their needs.”

Automated software further expedites the process. Once the spot team gets an email with spot opportunities, data is scraped from the email straight into our market system, where it can be priced, assigned to a carrier, and then shipped as quickly as possible.

“After pricing and securing a spot shipment, our operations experts take over to closely monitor our quality and timeliness while liasoning with our carriers to ensure a constant flow of information to our shippers,” says Moffett.

Contact us now to get your freight shipped

When you’ve got last minute or unexpected freight to ship in Europe, sennder has a solution. Get in touch today to see how sennder can help streamline your spot shipping process.

Contact us to learn more about meeting your spot and shipping needs.

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