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4 minute read • sennder Team • May 11, 2022

Streamline your payments with sennder's digital tools

Learn how uploading documents quickly and easily with sennder App, or on the orcas platform, saves time and money on administrative costs.
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Working with other shippers or freight forwarders can be really tough when you are waiting for payments. Payments from forwarders and shippers commonly take up to 60 days to come in, and are known to take as long as 90 days in some cases.

If you have delivered a load for sennder, you know that we are serious about being punctual with our payments. We are committed to paying invoices no later than 30 days after a proof of delivery (POD) is approved, and we also offer fast payments (within 3 business days) for a small fee.

But we also know that waiting for a shipper or service provider to make a payment is only half of the battle. Before that, there is the administrative work of collecting PODs, preparing invoices, and submitting these documents according to your customers’ preferences.

During this process there is little to no visibility for carriers, and often, lag time between steps. Creating an effective system for managing this administrative work is costly–both in terms of time, and also to pay administrative personnel to manage it.

However, easy-to-use digital tools can help to streamline these processes, and save you money on administrative costs. Here’s an in-depth look at the tools we offer that can help you collect pay for delivered loads with just a few clicks.

Writing and sending invoices is a thing of the past

After completing a delivery with sennder, there are two easy ways to submit your POD and collect your payment: on orcas, our digital carrier platform, or with our sennder App. Both of these digital tools are designed to make submitting PODs as quick and easy as possible.

This page in orcas allows you to select an image file and upload a POD for review.

Best of all, there’s no need to follow up with an invoice. Once your POD is uploaded in our system, we’ll automatically generate and submit an invoice on your behalf.

On orcas, we provide visibility on the status of your POD submission. A POD submitted through orcas or the sennder App, will be marked “in review.” After our team has approved a POD, a credit note is issued which will confirm the amount you will be paid and the date when you can expect the payment to arrive.

This note in orcas confirms that a POD has been accepted. It also shows the payment owed, and a date by when the payment can be expected to arrive.

If any additional information is needed, the POD is marked for resubmission, and you’ll see a note explaining what else we need to complete the invoice, i.e. “pallet exchange note is missing.”

By automatically generating and sending invoices for your completed orders, our digital tools save you the administrative work of creating, organizing, and following-up on invoice documents. Once your POD has been approved by sennder, you can sit back, relax, and wait for the payment to arrive. Or move on to your next order.

Make payments automatic with sennder App

Waiting for a driver to return to the office with the POD document after delivering a load can easily set payments back by a week or more.

Cut out the wait time entirely with our sennder App. Our easy-to-use app for iOS or Android is available in eight languages, and gives drivers the ability to upload PODs directly with their phone.

As soon as the driver has the POD in their hands, they can mark the delivery as complete in the app and upload their documents by taking a photo with their phone. Using the app eliminates the lag time, and also saves you the administrative work of collecting or preparing any pay related documents.

Smartphone sceenshot says, "Good job finishing the transport. Do you want to upload the delivery documents now?"

Our data confirms that the sennder App is a serious time saver. On average, carriers who upload PODs with orcas do so seven to eight days after a delivery is completed. By comparison, drivers who use our sennder App upload PODs in less than a day. This means that encouraging drivers to use our app can speed up your payments by almost a week.

No more phone calls about paperwork and chasing payments

When you work with sennder we support your daily order management by automating the process for payment collection.

Having visibility of your orders in orcas, you’ll find that calls to operations support are a thing of the past. You can save hours chasing the status of your payments on the phone or by email, and gain time for other tasks.

Get started with orcas today and see how easy order management can be HERE.

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