February 14, 2024

European Road Freight Market Insights 2023

Webinar, hosted by Julius Köhler, Co-founder and Managing director at sennder, Tom Mathews, Industry insights lead, Strategy and Planning, and Sangita Sharma, Director of Strategy, Planning, and Pricing, where they reflect on the dynamic landscape of the freight industry throughout the year 2023 and offer insights for achieving success in 2024.
2023 Year in Review

2023 Year in review: reflections and outlook

Duration: 24:55

Deep dive into comprehensive insights of the freight industry's journey throughout 2023 and what it means for the future. Download your copy of the report here.

Key topics covered:

  • Intensified price competition between carriers amidst fluctuating fuel prices. Despite a spike in the second half of the year, overall prices stabilized, prompting carriers to adapt their strategies to remain competitive.

  • How the market dynamics and broader economic factors that unfolded in 2023 affected businesses, such as shifting demands, global relations and emerging macroeconomic trends.

  • The evolving landscape of carriers amidst challenges such as driver shortages and numerous driver strikes. Gain insights into how these factors impacted operations and strategies for mitigating risks.

  • The remarkable six-fold year-on-year increase in demand for green transport solutions. Explore the factors driving this surge in demand and strategies for incorporating sustainability into freight operations.

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