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Employee Benefits
at sennder


Personal Development

Mental Wellbeing Support

We aim to give you effective and individual access to mental wellbeing at work and the opportunity to strengthen your mental wellbeing and / or overcome current challenges through direct access to professional psychologists and coaches. sennder offers access to a platform that provides you with professionals, topic-specific webinars, group workshops and a large media library which, for example, includes meditation audios.

Learning & Development Budget

After your first year at sennder, you will be granted a yearly allowance to further develop your skills and personality. For this, you may choose courses, subscriptions, or books, etc. that you would like to enhance your learning with, in the context of your work at sennder. Additionally, we host regular company-wide sessions where you can, for example, learn about start-up fundraising from our CEO David.

sennUP - High Potential Development Program

sennUP is the company's development program to foster the growth of high-potential employees. As such, sennder wants to take a more active and systematic approach to discovering, developing, and retaining top talent and shaping its next generation leadership. The program includes mentoring sessions, leadership workshops, off-sites, and further access to learning opportunities.


Work Environment

Commuter Benefit

Depending on your where you work for sennder, we provide you with a monthly budget that you can spend on different mobility services. This will most likely include public transport and might include bike and car sharing. Even better, we offset all CO2 emissions generated by your commute.

Breakfast, Snacks, and Drinks in the Office

Our offices are equipped with communal kitchens offering fresh coffee, drinks and of course, healthy snacks which are always available for our colleagues and guests. On Friday afternoons we value our healthy habit of after-work drinks to celebrate the work done this week and the start of our weekend. It's time to relax, tell jokes and have some fun during a game of pool or table tennis.

Flexible Work Policy

sennder offers the opportunity to mix the best of both worlds: in-person collaboration in the office, combined with the flexibility offered by remote work. Therefore, we want our offices to be a space of collaboration, inspiration, and a place where you genuinely enjoy spending time. At the same time, to enable an optimal working environment outside of the office, sennder will provide you with a relevant remote work setup.


Team Development

Team Events

Connecting beyond our workspace is an integral part of sennder's team spirit. We love for our teams to come together, strengthen collaboration and personal bonds, celebrate achievements, and simply unwind. Therefore, every team at sennder has a dedicated budget for quarterly events. Whether it is a joyful restaurant visit or renting a boat to cruise down your local river, connect as a team and have a good time.

Summer Camp

We also make sure you connect with colleagues beyond your team. This includes an office-wide Christmas party, but more importantly our sennder Summer Camp (SSC) where the entire sennder team, most recently, travelled to Sicily to reconnect, catch up and celebrate. It has become a popular tradition at sennder and will continue for many more years.


Life at sennder