Electric Stacker


An Electric Stacker, also known as a powered stacker or electric lift stacker, is a motorized piece of equipment designed for lifting and stacking palletized goods in warehouses, distribution centers, and other storage facilities. It uses an electric motor and rechargeable battery to operate, allowing for more efficient and precise handling of heavy loads compared to manual stackers. Electric stackers are commonly used to improve productivity, reduce worker fatigue, and enhance safety in material handling operations.

— sennder Team


An Electric Stacker is primarily designed for lifting and stacking pallets at limited heights, while a forklift can handle a wider range of material handling tasks and reach greater heights. Electric stackers are more compact and maneuverable than forklifts, making them better suited for use in smaller spaces and narrow aisles.
There are several types of Electric Stackers, including: -Walk-behind stacker: The operator walks behind the stacker and controls it using an ergonomic handle. -Ride-on stacker: The operator stands on a small platform and controls the stacker while riding on it. -Counterbalance stacker: The stacker has a counterweight to balance the load, allowing it to handle heavier loads and reach higher stacking heights.
When choosing an Electric Stacker, consider factors such as: -Lifting capacity: Ensure the stacker can handle the weight of the loads you need to move. -Lift height: Choose a stacker with a lift height that meets your stacking requirements. -Maneuverability: Consider the size of your facility and the width of your aisles when selecting a stacker. -Battery life: Ensure the battery life is suitable for your daily operations and charging capabilities.
To ensure safe operation of an Electric Stacker: -Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for operation and maintenance. -Train operators on proper use and safety procedures. -Regularly inspect the equipment for any signs of wear or damage. -Keep the workplace clean and free of obstructions. -Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as required.

Example or usage in road freight logistics:

A road freight logistics company uses Electric Stackers in its warehouse to efficiently move and stack palletized goods. When inbound trucks arrive with shipments, the electric stackers are used to unload the pallets and stack them in designated storage areas. Similarly, when preparing outbound shipments, the electric stackers retrieve pallets from storage and load them onto trucks. By using electric stackers, the company can optimize storage space, reduce worker fatigue, and increase overall efficiency.