Heavy Load


A heavy load refers to cargo that exceeds the standard weight limits for regular transportation vehicles. Heavy loads often require specialized handling, equipment, and vehicles to ensure safe and efficient transportation. Similar to heavy goods transport, moving heavy loads is subject to various regulations and permits, depending on the cargo's size, weight, and nature, as well as the route and destination.

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Heavy loads typically include large machinery, industrial equipment, construction materials, oversized or overweight containers, and large vehicles. These items often exceed the standard weight limits for regular transport vehicles and require specialized handling.
**Route planning:** Transporting heavy loads requires careful route planning to ensure the selected route can accommodate the cargo's weight and dimensions. This may involve considering factors such as road conditions, infrastructure, and legal restrictions. **Obtaining permits:** Depending on the cargo's size, weight, and destination, transporting heavy loads may require special permits. Obtaining these permits can be time-consuming and may involve coordinating with multiple authorities. **Specialized equipment and vehicles:** Heavy load transport requires the use of specialized equipment and vehicles, such as low-loaders, modular trailers, and cranes, to handle and transport the cargo safely and efficiently. **Skilled personnel:** Handling and transporting heavy loads requires experienced and skilled personnel with the necessary certifications and training.
Look for a transport company with experience in handling and transporting heavy loads, a fleet of specialized vehicles and equipment, and trained personnel. It's also essential to check if the service provider holds the necessary permits and certifications, and has a good track record in the industry.
Example or usage in road freight logistics

A power plant needs to transport a large, heavy generator to a remote location. They engage a heavy load transport service provider with expertise in handling and transporting oversized and heavy cargo. The transport company conducts a thorough route analysis, obtains the necessary permits, and coordinates the entire transportation process using specialized vehicles and skilled personnel, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of the generator.

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