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A pump truck, also known as a pallet jack, pallet pump, or pallet truck, is a wheeled, manually operated device used in warehouses, factories, and other storage facilities to lift, move, and position palletized goods. Pump trucks are an essential tool for the efficient and safe handling of heavy pallets, helping to minimize manual labor and reduce the risk of injury associated with lifting and moving heavy items.

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The primary purpose of a pump truck is to lift, move, and position palletized goods in warehouses, factories, and other storage facilities, helping to improve efficiency and reduce manual labor.
A pump truck works by using a hydraulic pump mechanism to lift a pallet off the ground. The operator slides the forks under the pallet, then pumps the handle to raise the forks and pallet. The pallet can then be maneuvered to the desired location.
Some advantages of using a pump truck include increased efficiency, reduced manual labor, minimized risk of injury, and ease of use.
Pump trucks have some limitations, such as the inability to lift very heavy loads or reach high shelves. They are also limited to use on smooth, level surfaces.
A pump truck is a manually operated device used for lifting and moving pallets, whereas a forklift is a powered vehicle with an elevated mast and forks that can lift and transport heavier loads and reach greater heights.
Example or usage in road freight logistics

In a warehouse setting, a worker may use a pump truck to move a pallet of goods from the receiving area to a storage location. The pump truck enables the worker to lift and transport the pallet efficiently and safely, reducing the time and effort required to move the goods and minimizing the risk of injury.

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