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Beverage transports – done the correct way to avoid unexpected chaos

Beverage transports – done the correct way to avoid unexpected chaos

Not only during major events, like the Oktoberfest in Munich or in one of the numerous music festivals, the beverage logistics play a major role. The daily supply of beverage and supermarkets alone carries with it a lot of challenges, due to the heavy weight, as well as the different box dimensions, both long-distance as well as in distribution transport. sennder explains, how to avoid the chaos, as shown in the picture.

Weight as the biggest challenge

The logistics handling thereby is often time-consuming and expensive. It requires a professional organisation for glass bottles, plastic packaging, cans, and kegs of beer to reach your destination in a clean and secure to way. Load security and weight distribution make the difference here.

Beverage crates – a treacherous charge

Basically, drinks are usually ordered in large quantities. Loading and unloading take therefore place under great time and cost pressure. This happens unfortunately too often to the detriment of cargo securing. Especially the transportation of cases, turns out as tricky, due to the smooth surfaces and the high stacking, since they can quickly tilt. In addition, the weight of the beverage, particularly with regard to barrels of beer, a challenge and must be taken into account when choosing the vehicle.

Trust the experts

The Solution? Trusting a freight forwarder who is familiar with the optimal combination of vehicle, loading goods, vehicle bodies, security means, and vehicle floors. Usually, he is familiar with the cargo securing directive VDI 2700 and VDI 3968, as well as the maximum mass force and facilitates you with the painstaking research. Thus you can be sure that your good will get from A to B efficiently and undamaged.

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