David Nothacker, Co-founder & Managing Director of sennder shares his insights about the merger with Everoad

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David Nothacker, Co-founder & Managing Director of sennder shares his insights about the merger with Everoad

When I launched sennder just outside of Paris in 2015, the idea of transforming an MBA university project into a leading logistics startup was still a big dream.
Today, sennder is the largest digital road freight forwarder in Europe, connecting large shippers such as Siemens with family owned trucking companies with 5 to 50 trucks. Just like Uber Freight in the U.S., we are digitizing an incredibly inefficient and fragmented €350bn industry in Europe with over 400.000 trucking companies. With an outstanding team of employees, investors and co-founders, we were able to come a step closer to our vision of “Fast Forwarding Road Logistics Into Digitalization” by improving elements like transparency and utilization for the benefit of all stakeholders.

sennder value: Succeed as a team

Based out of our Berlin headquarters, we were able to scale quickly, raise funding of more than €100 million from renowned investors such as Accel, Lakestar and Scania, and build a team of more than 400 employees with offices in Italy, Spain, Poland, Riga, Latvia, and France.

By constantly improving our shipper and carrier relationships, we were able to expand our offerings across major European markets and establish our position as the leading digital road freight forwarder by joining forces with Everoad, our largest competitor before the merger. While completing this important milestone, we have set ourselves the ambitious target of achieving €1 billion in gross revenues by 2024 through further tackling organic and inorganic growth opportunities.

sennder value: Running the extra mile

The role of the traditional players in the road freight market will change over the next decade. On the one hand, truck manufacturers like Scania and Daimler will have to reinvent their business model based on the concept of autonomous trucks, and making use of data will be a game-changer.

On the other hand, carriers will have a more specialized role. As longer distances can be driven autonomously (e.g. from highway entry to highway exit), their focus on complementing autonomous long-distance transports with the last trucking mile (e.g. from the highway to warehouses) and special transports (e.g. gasoline transports) will increase. We at sennder see ourselves at the forefront of fast-forwarding road freight into the digital era. With fully digitized process flows as well as significant automation and optimization efforts, we can be the key value driver of the industry by offering state-of-the-art technology to all stakeholders and developing long-lasting customer relationships.

sennder value: Trust in data

Everoad has been successful in automating the matching of open loads to carriers in an agile and profitable way. Thanks to the merger between Everoad and sennder, we smartly complete sennder’s mission: Moving trucks with the power of data and automation to unlock endless capacity and unparalleled quality. By combining the technological strengths of both, we will identify and strategically develop the relevant products and functionalities to underpin sennder’s position as a European leader in digital freight forwarding.

sennder value: Put customers first

sennder is committed to fast-forward logistics into digitalization and together with Everoad by sennder we will continue building the best experience towards our shippers and carriers.

I’m very much looking forward to bringing this big and relevant market for the European industrial hub to the next level and developing long term relationships with new business across Europe.

This is just the beginning!

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