Increase supply chain visibility with sennder’s GPS tracking

Increase supply chain visibility with sennder’s GPS tracking

by sennder team, 4 minute read

Transporting goods isn't getting any cheaper. In the first quarter of this year, IRU, the world road transport organization, reported a record-breaking spike of 4.3 points in European road freight rates due to rising fuel costs and lack of drivers. Experts predict costs will remain high through 2022 and into 2023 due to the continuing surge in consumer demand, inflation, and a shortage of resources caused by the war in Ukraine.To overcome these challenges and meet the consumer need for fast, efficient, reliable, and sustainable shipments, shippers need to make their supply chains more transparent. sennder's GPS tracking service offers shippers real-time visibility along the entire route, from pick-up to drop-off. Improving supply chain visibility helps shippers resolve delivery issues quickly by spotting potential disruptions as they occur.

What is the meaning of supply chain visibility?

Supply chain visibility refers to seeing a supplier inventory movement throughout its supply chain. Real-time supply chain visibility provides complete data on the logistics, inventory management processes and the people within a business.

Why Does Your Business Need Supply Chain Visibility?

Having supply chain visibility is crucial for any business. Without it, production issues, failure to comply with regulations, and ethical risks can quickly arise and spiral out of control, leading to disruptions and real supply chain problems that can impact your time, finances, and reputation. In contrast, when you have visibility into your sourcing and supply chain, you can monitor performance and make informed decisions before they escalate.

How does visibility improve the performance of supply chain?

Visibility is the ability to view and track the entire supply chain from end to end . Visibility improves the performance of supply chain by enabling managers and operators to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Visibility helps to optimize inventory levels, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, enhance supplier collaboration, mitigate risks, and increase resilience . Visibility also helps to keep track of all changing components in the supply chain, such as regulations, exchange rates, and weather conditions. Therefore, visibility is a key factor for achieving a competitive advantage and a sustainable supply chain.

GPS tracking means you’ll never lose sight of shipments again

sennder ‘s GPS tracking service provides real-time location and status of goods from A to B, and detailed information gained from transportation telematics–which provides insights around driving efficiency.

If you’re a shipper that provides high-quality goods to consumers and brands around the world, having access to this kind of granular data can mean the difference between meeting an ETA or losing a customer. GPS tracking with sennder’s real-time telematics data, offers you visibility, insight, and reassurance.

sennder continues to provide consistent, real-time load and truck visibility across Europe.Using sennder’s track-and-trace, can also increase daily operational efficiency by helping you predict and monitor precise ETAs. Knowing exactly where your shipments are between the warehouse, highway and destination: reduces loss, reveals possible bottlenecks before they occur, enables the potential for greater revenue, and can help reduce yearly CO2 emissions by eliminating unnecessary driving and idling.

sennder’s GPS tracking helps shippers:

  • Maintain delivery service-level agreements (SLAs) and meet accurate ETAs

  • Track load and truck locations in real-time

  • Prevent and reduce the loss of goods

  • Increase output and potential revenue

  • Meet environmental targets and sustainability goals

The external forces currently at play in the European road freight market make for an uncertain, challenging, and complex logistics market. It looks like the logistics industry will have to prepare for another year of unique challenges. Shippers who want to gain a competitive edge, regardless of the ups and downs of a turbulent industry, can rely on automated tracking services such as GPS tracking with sennder, to access reliable, accurate data and gain valuable shipment visibility.

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