3.4.2019 Technology

Solving market inefficiencies

Solving market inefficiencies

Shipping products via road freight is the number one solution in Europe. The industry is known for much higher transport demands than there is actual available capacity. It must be clear that no truck on the road should travel empty. However, there are still large inefficiencies, even in optimization focused countries like Germany.

In western countries, over 30% of trucks are empty on the roads. This is mostly due to suboptimal manual route planning but also involves factors like empty rides to the next pickup point or waiting times.

Up to now, a highly complex task is coordinated by a human being, the dispatcher. Being at the top of his game, a human can never keep up with the information flow a computer can. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) can step in eventually, and solve problems from small to big. Considering information from different platforms and networks, counting in different kind of uncertainties, deciding on routes and coordinating humans both in warehouses and in the drivers cabin, could be all done by one system.

By developing one big network platform, sennder is setting out to automate many of these processes and increase the efficiency of the trucks on the roads exceptionally. By cutting out intermediaries who complicate the process and take up margins of sometimes over 20%, the main players in the road-freight business can benefit greatly.

Industry analysts expect that most customers will be attracted by reaching a critical mass in terms of the number of included carriers and the geographical network coverage. This is exactly what sennder is aiming for in order to perfectly match the nowadays inefficiently used trucks with the freight that needs to be moved.