6.4.2020 COVID-19

To all the Spanish heroes, THANK YOU!

To all the Spanish heroes, THANK YOU!

Our amazing Madrid offices opened 7 months ago, and we want to give all our support to our Spanish shippers & carriers as they are currently going through very hard times. Indeed, the service they provide is fundamental, given the current situation.

We talked to Maria from Transade Logistica S.L, our first Spanish carrier, which is among the heroes of the COVID-19 crisis. The whole team has a lot of work with the transport of items of special needs, hence its fleet of 70 trucks is very busy.

Maria states that the actual situation is very chaotic, and requires constant adjustments. The everyday life of the truck drivers has been disrupted. During this health crisis, the well-being of carriers and shippers is a priority.

We at sennder would like to thank all the people, establishments and service areas that offer their help in these extremely difficult circumstances.

Did you know that over 90% of goods transport in Spain is carried out by the road, thanks to thousands of professionals who always do their best?

We are all in this together! 🌍