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sennder Team • February 3, 2021

Everoad by sennder officially becomes sennder France

Following its acquisition by sennder in June 2020, Everoad by sennder has officially become sennder France.
  • Following its acquisition by sennder in June 2020, Everoad by sennder has officially become sennder France

  • The Paris-based office will build on its status as a European tech hub to play a key role in driving the Group's strategy together with the teams in Berlin

  • In the wake of the Series D funding round last month that saw sennder raise $160m, $100m will be dedicated into the Tech team

Paris, 3 February 2021 - Everoad, which merged with sennder (Europe's leading digital road freight forwarder) in June 2020, is officially changing its name to sennder France.

Led by Maxime Legardez, Managing Director France and ex-CEO & Founder of Everoad, the Paris office will now serve as a European tech hub. Following the Series D funding round that generated $160m in January, $100m will be channeled into the Tech team with the aim of developing its six products and bringing fresh talent into the company.

sennder, Europe's leading digital road freight forwarder

Ever since it was founded in 2015 by David Nothacker, Nicolaus Schefenacker and Julius Köhler, sennder has been laser-focused on its goal of revolutionizing the freight transport industry across Europe. To achieve that aim, the Berlin-based scale up can draw strength from its expertise and its acquisitions. By merging with Everoad in June 2020, sennder fortified its leadership in one of the largest freight forwarding markets in Europe, as well as with the take over Uber Freight's European business activities in September.

With offices in seven countries, sennder can now leverage its local presence across all the leading logistics and transport hubs in Europe. Driven by an 800-strong team with plans to open 200 new vacancies during 2021, sennder works with more than 10,000 carrier partners and international customers, and is determined to move more than a million truckloads by the end of the year.

France: sennder's European tech hub

With Europe's logistics and freight sector boasting a market size of more than $427bn, technology continues to be the pathway for achieving a competitive advantage. Therefore, after raising some $160m in January, sennder will invest $100m in developing its technology. This investment will help expand the team by 200 people and turbocharge research and development into automating, optimizing and decarbonizing road freight.

One of the objectives with this tremendous investment is to significantly reduce the road freight sector's impact on the environment, bearing in mind that it currently accounts for 6% of all CO2 emissions in the European Union. As such, digital freight forwarders will play an instrumental and strategic role in curbing the sector's carbon emissions, which begins with reducing empty miles (20% of the total miles driven).

Drawing on its Paris tech hub, sennder will ramp up its efforts to reduce empty load kilometers and continue offering a greener array of services (e.g. biofuel) to carriers and shippers through strategic partnerships.

A bespoke recruitment program

Following the successful merger of the two tech entities in Paris & Berlin, all of sennder's partners and customers now have access to a single platform that is continually enhanced by dedicated teams.

As one of the two European tech hubs, Paris will considerably bolster its teams. Divided into five units, the Paris tech team is currently recruiting 30 new profiles, such as product managers, developers and data scientists.

At the same time, sennder France is looking to reinforce its 100-strong team with 30 new employees, including account managers, partner managers and sales executives.

David Nothacker, CEO and Co-Founder of sennder explains: "France and its office play a strategic and invaluable role in logistics across Europe. Everoad had already developed a leading-edge technology by the time we merged in June 2020. Harnessing the teams in Paris and transforming them into sennder's innovation powerhouse seems to be the logical step forward."

Maxime Legardez, Managing Director France at sennder says: "It has been nine months since sennder acquired Everoad, and we are still in perfect alignment with our strategy and objectives. Our decision to join forces just goes to show how much a merger can be a real strategic game-changer for a company. Together, we are cementing our status as Europe's leading digital road freight forwarder, and we are also bringing a new approach to designing our ecosystem using our technology."

About sennder

sennder was founded in 2015 by David Nothacker, Julius Köhler and Nicolaus Schefenacker and is now the leading digital European freight forwarder, offering shippers access to our connected fleet of thousands of trucks. In a traditional industry sennder is moving fast and focuses on the digitalization and automation of all road logistics processes. sennder manages over 10,000 trucks across Europe with an over 800-people strong team. By leveraging its proprietary technology, sennder builds an ecosystem that leads the industry into the 21st century with a new degree of transparency, efficiency and flexibility. sennder is backed by some of Europe’s leading investors including Accel, Lakestar, HV Capital, Project A, Next47, Scania Growth Capital, Earlybird and Perpetual. Additionally, sennder joined forces with industry champions Scania and Siemens to assure innovation and state of the art offerings.

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