Modern logistics calls for a different kind of freight partner
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Freight shipping with sennder
You don’t have to choose between the dependability of an asset-based carrier or the agility of a digital TMS.

We're using technology and data to transform the freight shipping industry and help our customers drive efficiency, lower their emissions, and reduce costs.


A TMS integration makes it easy to work together, creating a smart network with automated routing algorithms that make full truckload shipping flexible and cost effective.


Enterprise shippers, like AB InBev and Beam Suntory, rely on us to move business forward to make their logistics processes more efficient and lower risk.


Get seamless, full truckload capacity for your industry. Our shippers have access to the largest carrier network across Europe with 40,000+ vetted carriers and 250,000+ vehicles.


Visibility is the foundation of resilience. sennder's platform gives you the ability to proactively monitor and manage your shipments with real-time supply chain insights.


Together, we can make supply chains sustainable today. Meet ESG targets and regulatory requirements with advanced fuels, e-mobility and intermodal transport.


We’re a new kind of logistics partner. That means being more than a vendor or TMS. Whether you’re interested in contract or spot freight, we can help.

Partner with us
Road freight logistics are different today.

With our different partnerships, we meet the multiple requirements of the industry and provide the kind of service that fits your individual logistical needs.

Spot Shipping

Spot shipping with sennder is simple and gives you access to flexible capacity when you need it.

  • 40,000 Vetted Carriers
    Reliable, visible, full truckload shipping
  • 250k+ Vehicles
    Coverage where and when you need it

Contract Shipping

Contract shipping with sennder gives you dedicated capacity and predictable pricing together with fast and reliable service.

  • 500+ Chartered Trucks
    Dedicated capacity for our contract shipping clients
  • 12+ Industries
    Including food & beverage, FMCG, automotive, fashion & retail, logistics partners, industrial manufacturers, e-commerce and more.
Control Tower Solution

We are your logistics department

Meet demand head on. Get full-service operations from the largest full truckload network built on a scalable, technical infrastructure.

  • Procurement
    Carrier-sourcing benchmarking
  • Operations Management
    Transport planning, dispatching, slot booking, incident management, invoicing and improvement recommendations
  • Technology Portal
    Orders, status and digital document management and analytics
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Transparency & Visibility
Data Makes the Difference

We collect and analyze numerous data sources across road freight operations to improve logistics planning. GPS tracking is where it begins.


Get all types of recommendations, from the optimization of warehouse slots to transit times.

Track shipment and truck locations in real time.

Maintain delivery service level agreements (SLAs) and meet accurate ETAs.

Reveal possible bottlenecks before they occur, such as delays at loading and unloading.

Receive proactive delay notifications and a dynamic ETA.

Meet environmental targets and sustainability goals by eliminating unnecessary driving and idling.

Shipper portal
All key exchanges between shippers and sennder are managed digitally with a few simple clicks.

All transport orders can be managed fully digitally on a dedicated platform, enabling full transparency and enhanced decision-making. From GPS tracking and ETA provision, to document management, order ingestion and post-shipment analytics.

Track & Trace

Never lose sight of your shipment

GPS Tracking

Real-time supply chain visibility is crucial. Gain control over the entire transportation process and empower your team to make informed decisions.

ETA Provision

Get dynamic Estimated Time of Arrival information, taking into account the latest truck position and live traffic data. Allow for real-time warehouse planning and optimized utilization.

Shipment details-sennder
Shipment Management

Manage your business, not paper and emails

POD/CMR Documents

Retrieve your Proof of Delivery documents at any time digitally for better oversight and having the required documentation for reporting at hand when it’s needed.

New Shipment Orders

Ingest new shipment orders through the platform at any time with full control and price transparency. Receive quotations on Spot opportunities for a smooth and time-saving booking experience.

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Post-Execution Analytics

Data-backed decisions

Shipment Analytics

Gain visibility into your network operatonis and optimize your operations with performance, financial and geographical data, as well as ready-to-go reports and insights

CO₂e Emissions Reporting

Access comprehensive reporting on carbon emissions and realized savings tracking impact on decarbonizing road freight.

My analytics-sennder for shippers
Your Trusted Logistics Partner
How working with sennder transformed our customers' businesses
The importance of sustainability is just going to keep on growing over the next few years. I believe that as leaders in our industry, we have the responsibility to drive change…I can only see our partnership growing from here.
— Marta Herrara-Casas, AB InBev
We want to be a climate positive business, which means leveraging new technology and innovations to make significant, beneficial changes to how we operate. We’re excited about the results we have seen so far with sennder by switching to HVO and look forward to continuing to build a long-term roadmap that will continue to diminish our Scope 3 emissions in Europe and around the world.
— Kim Marotta, Beam Suntory

Pan-European Network

sennder is operating in more than 20 European countries, bringing together shippers and carriers across the continent.


Operating Countries

sennder is operating in 20+ countries.

This allows us to guarantee capacity on lanes across 20 countries in Europe.



You’ll find sennder offices all over Europe with experts speaking your language and being familiar with location based needs.

sennder Green Business

With the coverage of advanced fuels all over Europe we help shippers tackle their carbon targets and reduce emissions.

Fossil Diesel


Reduced Emissions

kg CO₂e per 1,000 km

For every 800 km driven, a full truck generates 1 ton of carbon emissions.

98% of trucks in Europe have diesel engines, with almost all of them running on fossil diesel.

HVO Biodiesel


Reduced Emissions

kg CO₂e per 1,000 km

HVO can be fueled in any diesel vehicle reducing carbon emissions by up to 90% versus fossil diesel.


up to

Reduced emissions

kg CO₂e per 1,000 km

Run emissions-free with fully-electric trucks powered by 100% renewable energy.

Reduce your carbon emissions today with advanced biofuels and eMobility
Freight Markets & Verticals
We’re delivering individual solutions for shippers in many industries
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Raw Materials
  • Automotive
  • 3PL & Logistics
a worker in a factory

We design our services according to your needs to ensure safety, security, and quality control, in alignment with country-specific regulations.


As logistic specialists we take care of the safe and efficient transport of your raw materials, based on their type.


From automotive parts to vehicles, we offer a fast and reliable shipping solution.


We manage all aspects of fulfillment, from warehousing to shipping.

  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Fashion & Retail
  • E-Commerce

Even in the case of mixed loads – TVs, food, and household products – we create customized solutions without compromising security, efficiency, or value.


For fashion and retail we create fast and reliable shipping solutions.


From website click to home delivery, we integrate seamlessly into your shipping flow.

Partner with us

Let’s move your business together!

We're happy to discuss your specific transportation and logistics needs.
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